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Our administrative personnel can process the direct repayment to you from the medical insurances that have limited coverage or don’t cover the procedures done in a reasonable time. This direct repayment is another service provided by Ramey Dental Group, free of charge.

All the Operative Services (cavity restoration) can be restored in polymers (resin and composites) that are mercury free. These resins are natural color, like real teeth and much prettier and natural looking. They are also as resistant as silver fillings. The Periodontal Services (gum disease) are all done in our offices by the doctors, giving you complete computerized service of your gum treatment. We use the latest techniques to treat your gum bleeding and bone loss problem.

Problems with your wisdom teeth, we have the solution for you. Our personnel uses panoramic X-Ray’s to diagnose your problem and determine the prognosis. The doctors use intravenous sedation to make your experience more pleasant.

With the Prosthodontics Services (bridges and crowns), we manufacture the bridges and crowns special for you with the best laboratories and best materials. Our experience of more than 20 years in the manufacturing of crowns and bridges is yet another advantage of Ramey Dental Group.

Our Dental Implant Department can offer you the best treatment for many years to come. All oral reconstruction by way of dentalimplants require a work group that is well trained and dedicated with much experience in the oral implants field and that correspond in giving total security to all our implant patients.

Dr. Montoya’s experience in surgery and in prosthetics reconstruction of dental implants will show you how to experience each process part by part until ending each stage of the task completely and well explained. You will be able to regain trust in yourself, your self-esteem will come back without the fear of seeing yourself without teeth and you will be able to eat without being worried about your dentures.

You will be able to enjoy your favorite foods again; meats, fruits, all foods high in fiber, all the foods that you wish. One of the most common reasons to use dental implants in oral reconstruction is the lack of teeth from personal negligence. Please don’t let yourself be another statistic. The confidence of your new smile will offer you a more pleasant life full of trust and self-confidence.

**All repayment can be denied by the insurer, depending on your contract**

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